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Matthew is recognized for his ability to blend motivation and methodology


Lessons Learned Through Real World Experience, Teamwork, Time-Critical Decision Making, Transfer of Experience and Knowledge, and more. Matthew incorporates a Solution-Focused approach that works with individuals, couples, and teams. These concepts will allow for better life decision making skills.

Matthew Currin Christian Life Coach

Life Coaching help others

In 2018, Matthew Currin completed his Master’s Degree in Human Service Counseling - Life Coaching at Liberty University. Christian Life Coaching is a dynamic partnership between the coach and the client. The main purpose of life coaching is to identify personal goals and then develop specific action plans to reach and fulfill those goals.

Whether it is improving your business, furthering your marriage goals, or developing your personal direction, Matthew Currin wants to help you succeed.

Lessons Learned From Experience

Matthew has experienced many lessons throughout the duration of his career, but there was one night in 2001 that ultimately changed his life and became the motivation for his life’s mission. During routine shipboard training off Marine Corps Airstation New River, NC, Matthew was the lead pilot of one of two CH-46E helicopters during training that night. Due to ‘human error’ in the second aircraft, the helicopter impacted the water, killing three Marines, including Matthew’s good friend and combat air crewman.

Matthew would later learn that a similar mishap took place in a different training exercise a few years prior. Had knowledge from that experience been properly transferred after the first mishap, the 2001 training crash could have been prevented.

The importance of transferring knowledge

From that moment, Matthew understood the impact and power of ‘the transfer of experience and knowledge’ in decision making. Every day of our lives we are faced with having to make decisions. Matthew believes that if we recognize the strengths of our own knowledge and experience, and capitalize on the experience and knowledge of others, we will ultimately make better decisions and avoid making mistakes we might have otherwise made.

Bringing individuals and organizations together is the key to creating a shared learning environment.

Real Life, Real People, Real Experience

Sharing Experience and Knowledge

Decision Making Impacts Lives We all know that your decisions can impact you life. For me, this is personal. I knows first-hand the value of the sharing of information between people. I am now a retired military combat veteran; I am currently a helicopter EMS pilot where I transport gravely sick ... Read More

Communication – A simply complicated topic!

When working in a Time Critical Decision-Making environment, the importance of clear and concise communication cannot be overstressed. “Communication clarification” is critical if you are unsure of what is happening around you or your situational awareness is low. Communication (from Latin ... Read More

To Me This Is Personal

My story begins on July 9, 2001 when I lost a great friend, Clark, due to a helicopter crash on the New River in North Carolina. The accident that cost my friend his life was merely a twelve second human error inside the aircraft.  Clark was my ‘combat crew chief’,  we had been assigned to fly ... Read More

What People Are Saying...

"Matt is an expert in his field and a professional speaker on Safety and Risk Management. Matt draws on discipline and strategic planning learned while in the Marine Corps and uses those tools to help companies implement best practices for improving safety performance and help reduce risks. As companies continue to increase focus on Environmental, Safety, and Health standard improvements for their most important assets, their people, Matt can provide industry leading instruction to help every company improve their overall performance. Matt takes real world experiences and presents them in a manner that all employees can understand and provides a path to improved results!!"

Todd Adams, Director of Sales – Eastern Zone. PPG Industries

I stumbled upon Matthew Currin through a fellow colleague and EMS Director. As a facilitator for a 40 hour Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) Training, I am challenged with finding speakers that can connect with and hold the attention of emergency responders, probation officers, and students. Matthew’s real life experiences and his passion to help others through his lived experiences make his stories powerful and his messages stick. He is engaging, inspiring and motivating and his style and delivery captivate any audience. He can entertain participants while encouraging them to reflect on their own lives, their performance, and how to improve situations and interactions. One of the impressive things about Matthew is his ability to tailor presentations to meet the individual needs of each group. His dedication to helping others is evident through every presentation. Hands down, I can say that Matthew has added value to our CIT Program. Matthew’s presentation has become an integral part of our training that makes it stand out from other CIT programs.

Tara Tucker, MS, EMT-P
Community Program Coordinator