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Take Flight Entrepreneurs Mastermind Program

Take Flight Entrepreneurs is a premier group that will allow you to learn from the creator and founder of Convene Communities. This will be an interactive group that will help you expand your thought process of how to succeed in business using the Convene Platform.

To truly be successful using Convene Communities, you need to know and understand the 'Why' behind Convene Communities. Who else would you learn from that the creator and founder Matthew Currin.
Take Flight Entrepreneurs Mastermind Program

In this dynamic group you will learn:

  • Why Convene was created
  • How Convene is structured to help you grow a thriving business
  • Content Creation Strategies
  • Community and group creation strategies
  • How the money flows
  • and more

This group will be filled with content. You will have access to group coaching call. (Groups will be limited to 8 members on a call so that you can receive the attention deserved). You will gain access to exclusive videos from Matthew Currin about concepts to help you grow a successful business. Most importantly, you will be able to network with other business leader and entrepreneurs.

Are you driven by learning how to capitalize on your life lessons?

Do you want to empower others to make better decisions?

You know you have a story to tell, and you want to inspire the world. You want to harness the real power of your potential and change the lives of those around you. You know you have the dynamism to take yourself, and others, to levels they never thought possible. You want to connect and energize with your words.

If you are an entrepreneur or you run a business, you want to create better relationships in your work life. You want to collaboration and connections not buzzwords, but the bywords for the way you and your team work together. You don't know how to go about it.

Harness the power of your potential to impact others through storytelling.

Through my own experiences and training, I can give you the expertise to navigate your life challenges. I can teach you how sharing those experiences can inspire and educate others. You can help take people to new heights of achievement.

Grow yourself, your business, and your brand through conversation, community, and collaboration.

Deciding your path in life

Amplify Your Reach And Maximize Your Resources

Matthew Currin Speaker Podcaster Trainer

My career as a Marine required making split second decisions and having access to the right knowledge at the right time.

This could often result in either life or death for others. I saw the repercussions of this when my close friend died in a helicopter accident, which could have easily been averted if knowledge had been shared from another squadron of a simple aircraft change. The change of a simple bolt in the cockpit could have saved three Marines lives if information had been shared.

It inspired me to create Convene – a platform tailored for businesses and individuals to collaborate and connect.

Use Collaboration To Build A Better Business

In the 21st Century, your business needs to connect and collaborate so it can grow more than ever before. But with teams now working from home, and employees at many sites nationally or globally, creating that unification in your 'new normal' is challenging.

Convene is a multi-use platform that enables your teams to unify, whether together or apart.

Knowledge is wealth and the currency of success.

By sharing it, your business and employees can only become more robust. Manage projects, encourage learning, and inspire collaboration, all in one easily accessible place.  Learn how to make critical decisions using years of expertise and knowledge that's at your fingertips in seconds. Learn to harness and capture the expertise you already have at hand.


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Use Your Life Experiences To Illuminate And Empower

The Importance of Sharing Your Story

When you know how to tell your story, you can empower others. And you also need a platform to be able to do it.

Convene Communities is a cost-effective way to do that and reach more people than ever before.

If you're a coach, entrepreneur, or individual, it enables you to connect with your audience quickly. It allows you to empower your following through shared experiential learning.

Past Speaking Engagements

Duke Energy
US Air Force
US Navy
NC EM Today
Guilford College Athletics

Educate Yourself And Your Community

Your experiences, whether good or bad, are what shape you as a person. And the key to improving your life learning is capitalizing on the lessons you've learned through the trials and tribulations you've faced.

The Convene Connections Podcast features interviews with business leaders, bloggers, YouTubers, sharing their narratives, revealing how they've grown their presence and their business.

Convene Connections