Mike Ayers, Captain, Recruitment & Retention Coordinator Galax Volunteer Fire Department

Mike Ayers

Captain, Recruitment & Retention Coordinator, Galax Volunteer Fire Department,

Just wanted to say thank you for last night’s training event! The feedback from the attendees was outstanding! Our firefighters were intrigued with the presentation. As the Training Officer for the Galax Volunteer Fire Department, my take away was the need to ramp up our scenario based, pressurized, training. The more realistic the training, the more likely a positive outcome will occur for us on the fireground. I also better recognize the need to pass along near misses and calls of interest to our newest members. Additionally, I see the importance of passing along my/our failures in an effort to learn from them and keep them from happening again. I/we need to swallow that pride to keep the next brother alive. Thank you again for that realization and the great presentation last night!